WHY DO DOGS NEED DENTAL X-RAYS Dogs need dental x-rays for the same reason people need dental x-rays: To discover what is hidden from view. Pets cannot say “Hey Doc it hurts right over here”. Veterinarians must just stumble-upon a pet’s dental disease, sometimes with very little help from the patient. However, it is much

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At DAMC we have specialist veterinarians who focus on every area of your pet’s health. We have veterinarians who specialize in you pet’s teeth!

Brush your dog's teeth

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Start brushing when they’re puppies, and it will be easy when they’re adults.

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Does my dog need their teeth cleaned? Periodontal Disease

Does your dog’s breath smell like rotten tuna in a hot dumpster? It doesn’t have to, and it shouldn’t. In fact, your dog’s breath is a good indicator of their overall health. Most pet owners think that they cannot do anything about their dog’s bad breath and are unsure when their pet’s teeth should be